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Love Queen: Ladies Night Soiree

Love Queen: Ladies Night Soiree

"Love is in the air" As Cupid takes his bow and arrow and aims it towards Prince Charming that stole your heart and showered you with roses, chocolates, and gifts. Hearts bursting with romance and that tingling butterfly sensation fills your body with passion, all of the love birds will be happily ever after and posting a night filled romance novel on there Facebook walls tonight. 



But what about the single, fashion savy, sexy, vibrant, beautiful people of this universe like myself. What do we do for vday festivities? Do we just sit home in somber that we are single? "I THINK NOT". I got the perfect idea for all those single and loving it ladies to enjoy valentines without feeling guilty that you don't have a mate. 


Plan the perfect pajama party, adult sleepover, and movie night. The ultimate party addition of nextflix and chill, only without the sex stigma and with your girlfriends. Only laughs, cute pajamas and great friends allowed. 


Planning and preparation for the ultimate girls night in:  

  1. Come up with a theme: I decided to do a pajama party and movie night theme. Full of pinks, purples, and tons of glitter. The ultimate girls night out in and the perfect movie.  
  2. Send Evites and/or text messages: I did both, I used Evites as the intial form of contact and then followed up with a reminder text message before the party took place. 
  3. Pot Luck of Fully Catered: Decide whether it is feasible for your budget to fully cater a party for your hungry guest. I decided on a pot luck which saves time in the kitchen and money in your pockets. However, I did cook burger sliders and mozzarella sticks. I also provided some desserts and a selection of wine. I provided a list to my guests on what items to bring and let them decided from the choices listed, this turned out to be much easier for everyone. 
  4. Set Up and Decorating: I wanted to be extra fancy and creative so instead of using a practical dining table, I opted to use a twin size air mattress fitted with a grey and pink duvet as a table cloth. I added all my decorations, food, drinks and wa la let the party begin. 

“Aspire to have the best nights with your girls”
— gabsthefab
Asian Persuasion: Bento Box Crazy

Asian Persuasion: Bento Box Crazy

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