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Autumn Nights: Patent Leather Killer Boots

Autumn Nights: Patent Leather Killer Boots


The joy of being in a new state and being able to experience all seasons, and not just the hot humid beach weather that carried me through my entire life. Being in North Carolina has allowed me and mother nature to bond, so well that she granted my wish and kept me warm in 30 degree weather when I first moved here almost a year ago.

Now the leaves are changing colors, the pumpkin patch festivals are in full affect, and cuffing season has began. I love the fact that I have finally started to embrace the colder nights, and shopping for fall is so exciting; well all shopping is exciting for me LOL. 

Leaving home has changed me in so many ways I never thought. I have become more independent,  more confident, and much stronger. Embracing North Carolina and everything it has to offer has opened me up in a different spectrum of life's existence. Once in my life I never thought I would leave South Florida now i'm miles away by myself and i'm enjoying every minute of it especially the change of seasons.

Though this journey hasn't been all peaches and creams, there have been some obstacles that are truly testing my faith. But my visions, my dreams, my aspirations are clearer. Watching the leaves turn colors reflects in my own life; my transition is just like an autum leaf, full of different shades consistently changing into beautiful browns, oranges, and purples making for great pictures, great play dates, and great inspirations to those who watch the leaves evolve into something beautiful. 


Outfit Details  

Blazer: Forever XXI  

Faux Leather Tights: Missguided  

Shoes: Shoedazzle  

“aspire to change like autumn leaves”
— gabsthefab




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