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Glitz and Glam: STUNNA Makeover

Glitz and Glam: STUNNA Makeover

I love the holidays so much and with this constant cold weather I wouldn’t mind doing a recap of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years festivities. I created this look during the Christmas holiday but since I’m SOOOOO EXTRA I have been wearing this look even in my weekend runs to brunch. Makeup has been my outlet, my way to breath when I’m under pressure, a way to decompress and forget about the worlds troubles ahead. My confidence level boost when I’m in SLAY mode I feel like my alter ego is alive and ready to conquer the world. 

To add there’s nothing more fulfilling than being challenged and being able to conquer your biggest fears and obstacles. Throughout life I have always been afraid to put myself out there to (the public) I've always been sociable but never been able to overcome my fear of people seeing me at my most vulnerable states.

Thats not until I started modeling, doing makeup and started my blog. I knew that my life, my fears, and my vulnerabilities will be on the forefront for the world to see, but that didn't stop me from facing my fears and doing something I loved. I went from tomboy to Mercedes Benz fashion week chic as I transitioned from girl to grown woman. Now that I have blossomed into the woman i'am today, I'm here to encourage all of my followers, readers, spectators, and haters; to follow your dreams, trust God in everything that you do, and don't let your fears overtake the possibilities of you becoming a true masterpiece. 

I hope everyone enjoys the ride called "Life" and never stop dreaming. 


“aspire to fulfill your purpose”
— gabsthefab
Sa-ke To Me: Cocktails and Co.

Sa-ke To Me: Cocktails and Co.

ISSA Brunch: Sweet Potato Biscuits

ISSA Brunch: Sweet Potato Biscuits