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Hot Diggity Dog: Dilworth Dining

Hot Diggity Dog: Dilworth Dining

As a child I hated hot dogs and the only way I would even eat them would only be if they were chargrilled or super charred in a stovetop skillet. Other than that hot dogs have always been on my "Hell No" list. However, after moving to Charlotte and doing my research on places the locals come to eat, I followed JJ's Red Hots on instagram and "My Oh My" I placed my eyes on the prettiest little hot dogs I ever seen. 

Speciality handcrafted hot dogs and sausages really caught my attention, not to mention all the great reviews I've read about the customer service. Adding to the fact that it's only 10 mins away from my home, so I didn't have to drive across town for magnificent food. 

I decided to take my dog out for a breath of fresh air and tagged him along with me because JJ's Red Hots in Dilworth has an upstairs outdoor rooftop seating area with a nice view of the city.  Upon arriving I entered into a hot dog oasis, from the modern diner chic decor to the drum set chandelier, it was awesome, and to top it off it was a night they offered specials. Thursday's they offer three dollar sausages, I hit the jackpot because I craved to try one of there Italian sausages and sure enough the day I come in the sausages are on special "woo hoo". 

I ordered two Italian sausages with all the fixins and a side of there famous onion rings made in house. OMG! It was the bomb, the sausages were grilled to perfection and the toppings just packed the sausage with so much flavor that my mouth watered even the more but I didn't hesitate to chow down without any conversation, I was focused on the dog. The onion rings were like shoe strings and were another addition to my amazing dinner, and I got all for about $10 bucks.

"Now that's what I call a deal"

If you're savvy and frugal like myself then be sure to always add restaurants like JJ's Red Hots on social media to stay up to date on ongoing specials they might be having, that is the best way to snag a good deal without breaking the bank. 

“Aspire to have dog gon good days”
— gabsthefab

JJ's Red Hots Dilworth Location

1514 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28226

11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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