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Pretty Kitty: The Brazilian Experience

Pretty Kitty: The Brazilian Experience


For anyone that knows me personally or have been following my blog for a while, you should know how I love a good deal and I love to save my coins. Adulting is hard y’all, saving and trying to budget as much as I can is a must. Me and my friend have had countless conversations about the pros and cons and brazilian bikini wax but I wouldn’t dare go thru that level of pain unless I was ready to go through childbirth.

After much deliberation and watching tons of youtube videos I decided to take a different approach to hair removal and go with laser. But of course I definitely did not want to endure any pain. After much research I stumbled across a machine called “Soprano”, the newest technology for PAINLESS laser hair removal and is melanin friendly- BINGO I hit the jackpot.

I searched high and low to find a spa in Charlotte that utilized that machine and then one day I said to myself I want to save money on this procedure let me see if groupon has any deals for this type of treatment. Hallelujah, I snagged an awesome deal from groupon for my first three sessions of painless laser hair removal at $260 from “Prestige Med Spa and Wellness” here in Charlotte.

I booked my appointment immediately with Susan and also was assured this experience will be worth my wild. I even asked can I vlog the whole thing for my youtube channel and you better believe it is the funny (sugar honey iced tea) ever.

So without further or do click below to watch

If this is your first time watching please take a moment to laugh your A** off as I challenge myself to go thru with laser hair removal. This is my first session, my first experience, and I can tell you it was something totally new for me since I never had a Brazilian wax before.

Scary Face

Prestige Med Spa and Wellness

9112 S Tryon (Suite: 9124-J)

Charlotte, NC 28273

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