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Visionaries and Masterminds Event Recap

Visionaries and Masterminds Event Recap

Throughout the months I have channeled my inner creative side. I have pushed myself to the limit and inspired to become a social networking butterfly. 

As a blogger networking and meeting new people is apart of the job. Attending different events, trying new restaurants, and making new friends along the way. However, I noticed there weren't too many networking events that peaked my interest happening this summer so I decided to create my own. 

I wanted to create an event that was different, appealing, and encouraged small business owners, bloggers, models, and anyone trying to make it in the creative artistic industry a door to walk into. All of a sudden "Visionaries and Masterminds" was born. 

Outfit Details: 

“Aspire To Be Eventful”
— gabsthefab

"Visionaries and Masterminds" is a networking event that could get everyone off the computer and into the presence of like minded individuals to start a new business relationship and get that boost of confidence needed to start or expand their business or creative ventures. Planning and preparation was not easy and much marketing was put forth but this event was a major success, and besides who doesn't like to network over a glass of wine. :-)  

So I decide to make a list of things you can do if you are planning to host your own networking event. 

  1.  Think of a theme and write down a plan. 

  2. Gather information on the demographics you want to reach to attend your event. (Ex: photographers only, business owners only, women only, or all of the above. 

  3. Find a venue: a place to host the event and a good location is sure to get people interested. 

  4. Choose a menu of appetizers that you will serve to your guest; no guest should come without something to nibble on. 

  5. Market: use sites like eventbrite to sell tickets/rsvp
  6. Don't be afraid to ask for help from people who support you and believe in your vision. THIS IS NOT AN EASY TASK  

  7. Don't be afraid of FAILURE; take the opportunity to see what you can do differently in the future. 

A special thank you to the store and staff of Total Wine and More located in Aventura, FL. They made this event a success and went over and beyond there duties to make sure myself and my guest were satisfied. 

Stay tuned for "Visionaries and Masterminds" events in the near future. 

Total Wine and More

 Wine Tasting Classes Held Monthly Sponsored By Store 


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