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Dare To Love: Embracing Singleness

Dare To Love: Embracing Singleness

" All Hail"

To the single, independent, confident, beautiful, strong, gifted, creative, humble, graceful, women in the world who takes pride in being a single woman in today’s society full of Cardi B’s and Nicki Minaj’s. Where you are considered less than if you haven't had any plastic surgery, if you're not an Instagram mode, you-tube guru, or just a city girl twerker. Thank you gorgeous for still being respectful to yourself and that the kitty that purrs at night, that you’re not out here busting it wide open for every Pretty Ricky that calls you cute. Girl be thankful that in these single years that every heartache is a lesson to be learned, a testimony to inspire someone else, and a patience is a virtue to wait for your Boaz.

As for me and mines I will bless the lord at all times that he is still working on my crazy self while i’m in my single years. Being in my early 30’s I thought by now I would be married and had goblins of my own, but fortunately I don’t at this moment. Oh and honey i’m not mad about it at all, after all the heartaches and heart attacks from being stressed out in these dead end situationships; I honestly like catering to me at this moment. I came in and out as I please, I don’t have anyone getting on my damn nerves about petty stuff and I don’t have to worry about infidelity.


However, I’am still a hopeless romantic and I’am still very optimistic that one day my king will greet me with open arms and rescue me from the stale potato chips out here in these streets. Don’t get me wrong being single can become a daunting task and of course as a female you want a spouse to help in different areas of your life and not just financially. I’m very independent so being able to let someone else lead will be difficult at first but God will make a way for me to know when to take a step back and let the man in my life take control of the wheel. Being in a city by myself with no family or old friends around has been lonely at times but it has also taught me a lot about myself, a lot of life lessons in dating and what I will not tolerate from now on as a single black women in America.

I believe that while i’m embracing my singleness, this is considered my learning phase of life, the get to know Gabby phase of life, to love Gabby when no one else does phase of my life. I’m embracing this area of my life and all the great moments and challenges that comes along with this journey.


Today on this love day created by society all the beautiful single women reading this make a vow to yourself:

  • Be True To Yourself

  • Never lower your standards for someone else’s approval

  • Be realistic in what you want

  • Never stop your dreams to chase someone else’s


“always embrace the love you bring to your own plate”
— gabsthefab
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