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Mean Green: Not Your Average Emerald

Mean Green: Not Your Average Emerald

Hey You Hey!

The new year kicked off to a rough start with me from getting sick and now in job training for the next couple of months. But that hasn’t stopped me from taking steps to accomplishing some goals that I have set to complete this year.

On top of setting goals and getting back into the groove of being a student in college again, I have taken the time to do some self reflection by pampering myself a little bit more than I have lately and also still keeping the dream that one day I will be whisked away by my night and shining armor of love. Yeah i’m still single in the city but guess what I’m not mad about it; after many failed dating trials I wanted this year to be “MY” year and as soon as the year hit I got slapped in the face with another failed dating trial, the frustration and heartache is real in these streets but it’s life. However, I’m still keeping the doors and windows open for endless possibilities for romance in my life but now this is the moment where i’m falling in love with myself, falling in love with God and falling in love with creating memories and milestones in my life that I can share with my future children.

Being single has taught me a lot about being able to maneuver thru this life very independently , first by moving to a new state ALONE, next by being able to conquer things I didn’t think were possible, and not limiting myself to societies expectations for what a women should be at this stage In her life. It’s not easy being a girl that has to depend on thy self, and sometimes this journey can be intimidating and lonely.

So many trials and errors, at times I ask myself when are the tests going to stop and in return my answer is NEVER. Without test you don’t know what you need to improve, you have no clue what changes need to be made to make you a better person, and without test you have no reason to challenge yourself for greatness. 

I’m challenging myself from this day forward: 

  • Never give up and stay consistent

  • Dont fall in bliss so easily

  • Level up and stay true to my vows

  • Don’t settle

  • Keeping a consistent prayer life

  • Honor God even in my darkest hours

  • See Light at the end of the tunnel


“staying true to thy self will be my peace”
— gabsthefab
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Got That NuNu: Fashion Wetter Than Patent Leather

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