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SHAKI SHAKI: Fringe Fierce

SHAKI SHAKI: Fringe Fierce

I Woke Up Like This!

Not really but I definitely feel like I woke up in Beyoncé’s closet and ohhhhhhhh, I’m soooooo feeling myself right now. I think I’m officially apart of the “Beehive” I have been initiated in, because these boots right here are Beyoncé certified platinum. However, I didn't spend that hefty Beyoncé price tag on these shoes which is even better. I believe in looking fabulous without spending all my coins, cause you know you girl needs all her coins for these big girl bills and list of travel plans this year.  But I do have a shoe fetish which can sometimes be my breaking point especially if I can snag a super sale.

Shoedazzle is one of my holy grails of buying inexpensive fashionable shoes. When I purchased these bad boys they were having a holiday sale and I was able to snag three pairs of bots and booties for $48.00, now how you like those apples. Not only do I get some popping shoes but I rack up points as an added perk, and as much I love to save this is just the icing on the cake. People really don't believe that I don’t have high end clothing or have high end designer shoes in my closet because of the way I put a lot of my fashion pieces together. But contrary to your belief I really don't care for high end brands, at this point in life I feel its not how much you spend but how you rock the hell out of that outfit. Having that eye for design and total confidence in how you put your favorite pieces together is what matters. Just keep that piggy bank in tack and don't bust it wide open trying to shine or put on a show for the gram.

Keep it cute boo boo :-)

Outfit Details

Polka Dot Blouse: Forever 21 XXI $10 (clearance find instore)

High Waist Jeans: Forever 21 XXI $19-$30

RHONDA Fringe Boots: Shoe dazzle

Sunglasses: Forever 21 XXI $5 (another clearance steal)

aspire to shake it like a tail feather
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