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Got That NuNu: Fashion Wetter Than Patent Leather

Got That NuNu: Fashion Wetter Than Patent Leather


Okay so this Florida girl has had enough of the cold weather already. I’am tired of keeping these pretty piglets stuffed in a blanket aka keeping my toes covered. I’m tired of keeping my neck and head covered also I’m extremely upset that my skin feels like a Brillo pad cause it’s so damn rough and dry, by the way the agony of my precious soup coolers (aka big lips) being dry that I look like pookie off of New Jackie City. Really not that bad but that’s how I feel though lol. 

But one thing I can’t get enough of is the new fashion pieces I have got in my collection now that I have a reason to get winter clothing. I love the change of season but I’m still not used to the cold weather at all, quite frankly colder weather makes me miss my year round summer home so much more these days. I miss the beach and the rays of sunshine even during a hurricane or rain storm, those things don’t seem that bad at all when its 30' degrees and the wind is cutting your skin like a razor sharp knife.

I’m learning to appreciate every moment and every experience that I have thus far, memories like these are going to be great stories for my future kids. I’m going to tell them how your mom was stepping in her patent leathers but her damn toes where cold as ice.



Outfit Details

Faux Leather Moto Jacket: Forever 21 XXI $20

Olive Tennis Skirt: Forever 21 XXI $5 (on clearance possibly sold out but here’s a dup)

Patent Leather Thigh High Boots: Shoe dazzle however no longer on site 

Sunglasses: H&M $1 (another clearance steal)



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