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ISSA Brunch: Sweet Potato Biscuits

ISSA Brunch: Sweet Potato Biscuits

Awwweeeeee Yes! 

It's finally the weekend and today marks the first day that the cold weather in Charlotte has ceased and warmed up just a tad bit for some of us to go out and enjoy a nice day of good food, great mimosas and catching up with some fabulous friends. Not in the mood for the traditional breakfast/brunch menu but yet still want to fulfill that craving of a good ole southern meal.

Well, stop by "The Handsome Biscuit" in Norfolk, VA. I recently took a trip to Virginia to attend the H.E.R. concert at the Norva concert hall and let me add that show was amazing. Any who the next day before my departure I really wanted something to eat that really closed my mini vacation off with a bang. I let my fingers get the typing and started doing some research that morning on some of Norfolks staple restaurants that the locals loved and well "Handsome Biscuit" was my foodie pick. 

Situated in the industrial part of town, the restaurant was small and quaint. Supplying indoor and outdoor patio seating unfortunately It was too cold to sit outside so I decided to go in see what the hype was all about. I was immediately welcomed by some friendly faces and quirky humor, The menu was straight to the point but packed something unique. I had never heard of sweet potato biscuits; sweet potato pie yes but sweet potato biscuits I really didn't know what to expect. Being optimistic and sorta of adventurous when it comes to good food this was something that I needed to add to my  bucket list. I ordered the "Hella Fitzgerald" a sweet potato biscuit topped with Fried Chicken, bacon, cheddar, and red eye sausage gravy, I also ordered these cute little hash brown and of course some OJ straight from the sunshine shine state my hometown of Florida. 

The food was served quickly to the point I really didn't have time to actually sit down, in which I was amazed that the food was piping hot (since I'm such a stickler on food temperature; side note my food must be pipping hot to please me LOL) I wanted to dive right in but had to take some foodie pics because I knew that this was going to be a great blog post to share with you guys. 


Baby let me tell you that first bite made me feel like I had died and gone to heaven. I was in love, the chicken was fried to perfection, the biscuit was so soft, buttery, and with that sweet potato goodness. The gravy was the icing on the cake and those cute little hash browns was the perfect side piece to this meal. I so wish they had this restaurant here in the Queen City and even back home in Miami. The whole concept is amazing and the locals of Norfolk have a jewel and I'm so jealous. If I ever go back to the VA i'am definitely going to make this my go to spot for every stay. Between the industrial chic vibe, the unique menu and the bomb food this is such a cool place to eat not only for breakfast but for lunch and dinner as well. 

Enjoy Good Eats This Weekend. Toast! 

Hella Fitzgerald- The Handsome Biscuit
Menu Signage- The Handsome Biscuit
Hash Browns- The Handsome Biscuit
Hella Fitzgerald Entree- The Handsome Biscuit
Staff- The Handsome Biscuit
Hella Fitzgerald Entree- The Handsome Biscuit
Staff - The Handsome Biscuit
Hella Fitzgerald Entree- The Handsome Biscuit
The Handsome Biscuit
Indoor Decor - The Handsome Biscuit

Handsome Biscuit

2511 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA

“aspire to explore good eats”
— gabsthefab
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