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The Glow Up: Denim Vibes and Metallic Swag

The Glow Up: Denim Vibes and Metallic Swag

Hey Girl Hey! 

Can I get a mimosa to go with this spring weather, FINALLY! 

It has finally warmed up here in Charlotte and I have finally gotten the chance to bring out my bag full of tricks (style tricks and tips). After ordering clothes and shopping like I still live in Miami I have a mass collection of spring and summer clothing, to my dismay winter stayed around much longer than my body could handle. 


The good lord heard my prayers and seen my dry skin was not cute at all; decide to have a little talk with Mother Nature and BOOM some heat, a little sunshine and I get to be extra cute on weekend brunch dates. I really don't know how people that live up north handle the constant chill during winter. To say I was feeling a little homesick when the arctic chill here in the Carolinas because a reality check that I actually live here now. Welp I guess I have to roll with the punches and get use to experiencing all seasons even if that means the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Now being the savvy shopper that i'am I don't shop for the occasion I shop during the best sales and collect my clothing during off seasons. For example the best time to shop for winter clothing would be in Janurary and February when all of the winter clothing is on clearance and the stores are making room for spring and summer trends. You can expect to find the best bargains and tons of hidden gems. I save tons of money and my closet stays ready to go, I still have things I haven't popped the tag on yet as I write this blog. 

Checking the details below I give you a total run down on how much this outfit cost me. Trust me you can slay and kill it every time without breaking the bank. To celebrate my love for this weather I decide to go with the sky is blue kinda of style. A beautiful romantic top with dramatic sleeves that can be worn day or night and of course some hip hugging jeans that showcases my long legs for days. Oh yea, and these forever 21 jeans have become my best friend, they fit just right and looks perfect with any top that I put on. My tousled curly mohawk that I curl with some Flexi rods every night, a rose matte lipstick, glittered rose cheeks and wah lah there you have a bad and boujie moment. Thank me later....

Cheers to Spring!

Outfit Details 

Woven Off-the-Shoulder Top: Forever 21 XXI $5

High-Rise Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 XXI $17.98

Metallic Pumps: Aldo Shoes $80

Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson $10 (Marshalls buy)

“aspire to shine like the sun peeping thru the clouds”
— gabsthefab


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