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Velvet Bliss: Fall Fashion Fierce

Velvet Bliss: Fall Fashion Fierce

The key to happiness is finding out who you truly are and what you were destined to be. At thirty years old i'm finally understanding this journey called life. It took a major shift in my life to happen and re-dedicating my life to the lord above, to help me embark and peek into my inner self and the advantages to true happiness. My life is not complete and i'm still learning a lot about myself and the ability to handle situations that arise.

But the one thing I did learn about myself was how my creative passions haven't changed one bit. I'm still very artistic, a perfectionist when it comes to business, and still can be a pitbull in skirt (lol).  My style has evolved and my eye for design has tapped into another realm; I look in the mirror and I create a style that truly speaks volumes about my personality while staying "fashionably fierce". My style is my creative freedom of speech, i'm my own walking billboard, and I take pride in the woman I have become. 

So let me mention again how much i'am in love with fall, being that for my entire life I never had the opportunity to even peek into what the change of season felt like. Now that my life has taken a turn and i'm here in North Carolina boy oh boy i'm loving the fall. At times the chill can be a bit much for this Florida girl, but there nothing a little pumpkin spice latte cant fix. Besides I have really stepped my style game up with the season's latest trends and my color schemes have leveled up too. Oh and let me not forget to mention theses sales, and promo codes I get daily from my favorite sites like (ASOS, Boohoo, and Forever XXI) is having my fall and winter attire #LIT #FALLFASHIONLIT.

Outfit Details

Long Cardigan: Forever XXI

Tank Top: Forever XXI

Faux Leather Leggings: Boohoo

Fedora Hat: Forever XXI

Booties: Madden Girl By Steve Madden




“aspire to be passionate about your happiness”
— gabsthefab


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New Year | New Me

Autumn Nights: Patent Leather Killer Boots

Autumn Nights: Patent Leather Killer Boots